CSR and collective projects

Primum familiae vini


Foundation for wine culture


Foundation for wine and nutrition research.


Spanish Nutrition Foundation


Miguel Delibes Foundation


Patio Herreriano Foundation.


Friends of the Reina Sofia Museum Association


At TEMPOS Vega Sicilia, corporate social responsibility is taken to be something more far-reaching and sustainable than a momentary plan or protocol. It is a way of embracing the daily activity of the company and its relationship with the different environments in which it operates. This involves, obviously, compliance of the international and national legislation in the environmental, labour and social sphere; along with the intentional actions in the form of schemes that seek to improve the quality of those environments.
With clients
The aim is to establish a customized relationship, along with offering them a unique experience to exceed their a priori expectations. Along with the implemented and certified quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001 international standard, the group has a very specific view of its client relationship, as the emphasis is always on a personalised approach.

Staff and employees
The aim is to provide the best working conditions and professional development opportunities from the stability of a consolidated company and international leader in its sector. This way of embracing talent management and treatment of the human team is the reason for several generations of a single family working in the company.

Cultural action
It seeks to ensure active participation in a broad programme of sponsorships that prioritizes the culture-related projects, both through the specific area of wine and food, and through the world of painting and art.

Environmental action
The group's environmental strategy is underpinned by a series of even more restrictive protocols than those imposed by the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.
Cutting the environmental impact includes aspects such as implementing an integrated vine production system, avoiding the use of synthetic plant health products, cutting the consumption water resources and the implementation and promotion of innovative measures focused, among other things, on cutting the carbon footprint and on planting different tree species. Cutting the generation winery waste and its correct management, prioritising reuse and recycling, including improving the treatment and quality of the wastewater generated are also points that are targeted.

As regards the institutional relations, the group takes part in numerous collective schemes and is part of a series of projects in conjunction with third-party public and private institutions in the cultural sphere.