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A culture of patience and dedication

Land bathed by the River Duero, an extreme climate, expert hands, a pact with time.

Dedication, soul, passion... A mystery that is impossible to explain.

Is this the origin of the myth?



The endless path to excellence


There are people who believe that the myth of Vega Sicilia was due to its being an aristocratic wine, in scarce supply, and only within the means of a fortunate few; an object of desire that only a privileged minority could enjoy. However, what many do not know, is that the real origin of the legend lies in a story of hope, commitment and patience on the banks of the River Duero, as it runs through the heart of Castilla, where the river laps against and nourishes a unique and exceptional, nearly magical estate.


This wise, hard, gnarled and barren land was destined to something great. It had to join forces with time to fulfil its great dream: to give the best of itself, achieve extraordinary crops that would fill it with pride and show off the splendour of nature. Yet, to do so, land and time needed man's help. Someone to be their eyes and hands and farm in line with nature's rhythms. As only in that way, when we are humble enough to accept nature's way, do we achieve exceptional results.


Centuries passed waiting for someone to listen to the call of this magical land. And very few people have the gift to see further, to listen to what  others hear, to feel what others do not feel. Until one day, fate brought along a man who listened to its call, a man who followed his intuition and change the traditional crop of cereals for the best vine stocks of the 19th century. A man who knew how to learn from nature, patiently respected its rhythms, looked after the land and protected time, thus achieving a perfect balance.


Autumn was the time of the grape harvest and the land could, after all, begin to dream, for which it was pre-destined; the grapes proved to be of an unrivalled quality and personality and, after maturing in the silence and solitude of the winery, became one of the greatest legends of the history of wine. Vega Sicilia was finally born.


Since then, land and time have accompanied Vega Sicilia on the endless path towards excellence. Helping it to overcome the challenges and avoid temptations. Embarking on the path without taking short-cuts, avoiding temporary fashions and contrivances.


And thus, by steadily and resolutely progressing, Vega Sicilia has become great. Its name has spread through the world and its philosophy has reached other shores, exceptional terroirs where special wines have emerged as a symbol of its essence. Único, Valbuena, Alión, Pintia, Macán, Oremus... form a family, TEMPOS Vega Sicilia, and share the firm conviction that the best wine still has to be made.


TEMPOS Vega Sicilia embodies a culture of commitment and patience, a rigorous and honest spirit. A way of understanding life where respecting the value of time, today more than ever, is present as the lynchpin of its reality.


A philosophy that stands out for its commitment to nature and people, seeking to obtain the best of the land, vines, grapes and wine. An unlimited commitment to the search for excellence, for the essence of the authentic, for the endeavours and the reward for giving one's best.


TEMPOS Vega Sicilia is now much more than wine: it is the symbol of the pride of a job well done, of the value of knowing how to wait for excellence. It is the result of the wisdom of the land, time and all those who believed and believe in it.

Today the reality exceeds the myth.

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