A man who believed in an intuition

... that earth and time needed the help of man, someone to be their eyes and hands and farm according to the rhythms of nature...

  • - Pablo Álvarez -

    Pablo Álvarez Mezquiriz (Bilbao, 1954) is the CEO of Tempos Vega Sicilia. He is the owner, along with his siblings, of El Enebro, the equity company of the Álvarez family and is the current Chair of Europvin, which represents Europe's best wine portfolio.

    He completed his upper secondary studies at schools in Bilbao and Gijón, graduated in Law from the Centro de Estudios Universitarios de Madrid and holds a Diploma in Corporate Legal Advice from the Madrid Business Institute.

    Pablo Álvarez held different posts at Eulen, where he was Director from 1980 to 2009. He was appointed as the General Manager of Bodegas Vega Sicilia in 1986 and CEO of that company in 1990, a post that he continues to hold.

    During the thirty years he has been at the helm of Vega Sicilia, Pablo Álvarez has turned that winery into a unique group of wines that is renowned worldwide. He has notably improved the quality of the wines, restored the vineyards for the future, set up four new wineries - Alión, Pintia, Oremus and Bodegas Benjamin de Rothschild Vega Sicilia - and has driven the growth and international expansion of all their brands.

    In any event, Pablo Álvarez, a perfectionist who is never satisfied, is often heard capturing that in a nutshell: "The best is still to be done, the best vintage must be the next one".

  • - Marta Álvarez -

    Marta Álvarez is a member of the family that owns Vega Sicilia and currently heads the winery group. She is totally committed to ensuring utmost quality and sincerely admires the "TEMPOS Vega Sicilia" wines. She has overseen the introduction of the Álvarez family's latest winemaking projects, Macán, in conjunction with Benjamin de Rothschild.

  • - Emiliano Yagüe Marín -
    Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration

    Emiliano joined Vega Sicilia in 1974 (aged 15) with the idea of doing a summer job there, before returning his studies after the holidays. However, personal circumstances and the situation at the winery's management led him to stay at Vega Sicilia, where he remains to this day. He asserts that his personal life, without his job and social life at Vega Sicilia, would be largely unknown and imagined, even to himself: "My entire life is infused with my long career at this magnificent wine company".

    From 1979 to 1982 he was Responsible for the Winery's Commercial Management, including the famous wine "quotas". In 1984, he was appointed Director of Administration, and in 1992 he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Director of Administration. Since 1992, he has also held "joint and several" power of attorney for the entire wine group.

    Emiliano graduated from the Universidad de Valladolid and completed a number of specialist qualifications in finance. Specifically in wine-making, he took part in the very first course conducted in Spain: the university extension course in Winery Management and Administration (class of 2000), run by Fundación General UVA (Universidad de Valladolid).

  • - Enrique Macías -
    Viticulture Director

    Enrique Macías joined the management team as the Viticulture Director. His work at the head of the vineyard, as well as of the rest of the agronomic division, has played a key role in improving the wine and to implement the arboriculture projects existing in each winery. His passion and respect are clear for the land and for the environment where he works every day, and he has managed to improve, even further, one of the great vineyards of the world.

  • - Gonzalo Iturriaga -
    Technical Director

    A chance visit made him realise that wine was his future and unleashed his great passion, which is what enables him to enjoy his work. After completing his Agricultural Engineering studies at Universidad Politécnica of Madrid, and training as an oenologist at the E.N.S.A. in Montpellier, he began his professional career in a family-run winery in Ribera del Duero. He was appointed technical director of Bodegas Habla and from 2009 he worked as export-manager for the Iberian region (Spain, Portugal and Latin America) of Lamothe-Abiet.

    He is now embarking on a new stage of his career, in which he will continue to pursue an uncompromising commitment to quality, as established by Vega Sicilia. He brings with him all the efficiency of participatory working methods and teamwork, as well as the need to learn from those around him on a daily basis. He is an affable character with a strict sense of responsibility, and proposes that a grape's personality should always be reflected in all the wines he creates.

  • Ignacio de Saralegui

    Ignacio de Saralegui joined the Tempos Vega Sicilia group in February 2021 as Sales and Marketing Director. He has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, where he has developed nearly his entire professional career. His most recent stage was carried out in Natura Bissé, as General Manager for Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America. Previously, also in the same company, Ignacio served as General Manager for the Middle East, Sales Director for the same region and National Account Manager for Spain. Before his career in Natura Bissé, he worked for Pirelli, Hilti and L'Oréal. Ignacio has a Law Degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master's Degree in Management in Sales and Marketing from the EAE Business School of Madrid and a Senior Management Program from the University of Chicago and the Business Institute.

  • - Alberto Álvarez -
    General Manager

    Alberto Álvarez Ayuso joins Tempos Vega Sicilia in June 2023 as CEO of the group. Alberto aims to consolidate the development and prestige of the group of wineries, continue improving the quality of all wines -the essential objective of the company every year-, boost the relationship with customers around the world and coordinate the overall strategy of the group to strengthen the business model for the future, all under the supervision of CEO Pablo Álvarez. Previously, and for the last 4 years, he had been General Managing Director of a company in the consumer electronics distribution and related services sector. Alberto Álvarez Ayuso holds a degree in Industrial Pharmacy from the University of Salamanca and an MBA from IEDE in Madrid. With more than 25 years of professional career, Alberto has extensive experience in organizational management and team leadership, a broad analytical capacity that gives him a strategic vision on business development, a recognized commercial profile and extensive knowledge on the adaptation of companies to the new digital environment.

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