TEMPOS Vega Sicilia was set up in 1982 by the Álvarez family, its current owner, when it purchased the legendary winery of the Ribera del Duero. The other companies would be added down through the years.

The Álvarez family's business project is based on two fundamental cornerstones: consistency of the quality of the product as a guarantee for the different vintages, and dedication to the client as a benchmark in its routine activity.

Both cornerstones have underpinned the development of the group and have enabled very solid growth both in terms of the production structure and of the distribution and positioning of the different wines. The group currently consists of 5 companies (Bodegas Vega Sicilia S.A, Bodegas y Viñedos Alión S.A., Bodegas y Viñedos Pintia S.A., Benjamin de Rothschild & Vega Sicilia S.A. and Tokaj-Oremus Kft.), the first four in Spain and the fifth in Hungary.

The development strategy has followed a growth model based on the setting up of new wineries in production areas with sufficient differentiating and qualitative potential. The figure of approximately 300,000 l/winery has been deemed the ideal balance between product quality and volume; even though there are cases such as Vega Sicilia, where three different wines are produced, and others such as Alión or Pintia, where only one wine per winery is produced. Increasing the volume produced in each winery individually has thus been avoided.

Commercially speaking, the wines are sold in a total of 149 countries and to around 4,500 private and professional clients worldwide. The possibility of buying directly from the group is subject, first, to being approved as a client, after applying in writing; and, second, to the allocation of a customized quota that varies according to the characteristics of each vintage.

From the positioning perspective, the group enjoys a magnificent public image among its clients and in the rest of the market alike. This image is endorsed both by the international awards that it receives annually and for the numerous appearances in the media around the world. But particularly for the huge acceptance that its wines have in the different markets in which they are present.

of the Board

Marta Álvarez Mezquíriz


Pablo Álvarez Mezquíriz

Chief Executive Officer

Emilio Álvarez Mezquíriz

Chief Executive Officer

Elvira Álvarez Mezquíriz

Board Member

Juan Carlos Álvarez Mezquíriz

Board Member

Fernando Rodríguez-Arias

Non-executive secretary
Sales Folder

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