On the banks of the River Duero

Pintia is from a region with a great winemaking tradition and with huge potential to prepare high quality wines, as it has proven with the passing of time. On the banks of the River Duero itself, which flows into the sea at Porto, and a hundred kilometres from its older "brothers", Pintia is from a zone with very hot and marked summers and a complex terroir noted for a huge amount of boulders.



The Pintia vineyard currently stands at a total of 96 hectares located in different plots that are managed differently, in line with the soil taxonomic studies carried out. The grape variety Tinta de Toro, with an average age of 35 years and the planting pattern is traditional Toro (3 x 3 m). The density is 1000 plants per hectare, with average production of 3.5 kg per plant.


The soil in which the vines are planted is made up of alluvial deposits, which are part of the high terraces of the River Duero. The vineyards are at around 700 metres above sea level, with a sandy surface layer that facilitates the water infiltration and retention. They are mainly over two differentiated plots. On one hand, the so-called Garabitas, with deep soils and moderately stony on the surface, but with abundant gravel further down, which limits the roots of the plant to between 40 and 70 cm and explains the good earliness of the vines in their ripening cycle. On the other hand, in the Los Hoyos plot, the soil is moderately deep and very stony on the surface, but with gravel that buffers and regulates the surface thermal system and explains the greater ripening earliness of the vineyard.

The climate is extreme and continental, with Atlantic influences and with rainfall that ranges between 350 and 400 mm, along with temperatures that rise to 40ºC at the end of July and fall to -11 ºC in winter. These specific climate conditions of extreme cold in winter and heat in summer, over 2,600 hours of sunshine, with a lack of environmental humidity that prevents the development of fungal disease, produce grapes of exceptional quality and guarantees great red wines.