The Ribera del Duero terroir coupage

Alión is the result of a careful selection of land in different areas of the denomination of origin. The aim is to obtain a wine that represents the best of the Ribera del Duero, in keeping with the vine management criteria that emanate from Vega Sicilia. Different types of soils are used that complement each other to ensure a qualitative diversity in the same variety of grape, the Tinto Fino.




Alión has a total of 130 hectares of land divided into three large blocks. On the one hand, there are 70 hectares located on the Vega Sicilia estate itself; secondly, there are a further 30 hectares in the Padilla de Duero municipality, where the winery is located; and a third block of 30 hectares is in the nearby town of Pesquera de Duero.

There is a great diversity of soils in Alión due to the three sedimentary environments that have shaped its landscape: fluvial, colluvial and wind. The fluvial environment is the most significant due to its extent and it is formed by the materials provided by the River Duero which has deposited alluvial over thousands of years. The lower and middle terraces of the Alión soil were formed in this context.

The predominant soils are very deep, well drained, made up of coarse textured materials, white or reddish in tone, with brown finer layers alternating with abundant quartz gravels, proof of their alluvial origin. The presence of carbonates accumulated at depths shows the high degree of maturity and evolution of those soils. The medium textures, the loose-textured or loose-textured to sandy, ensure good retention of water and nutrients. The drainage conditions are excellent. The water regulation of those soils provides the vineyards with good earliness in the grape ripening cycle. This all leads to a balance development of the stocks, where proof of that evolution and maturity are the first-rate grapes.