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Unico Reserva Especial

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Tribute to tradition

Tribute to tradition

Bearing witness to the past, it pays serious homage to the history of Spanish wine in which the most stable Vega Sicilia concept is shown.

A wine that, combining the balance between the best vintages and harvests, faithfully reflects the magic of a legendary land.

Mixture of years, virtues, experiences and sentiments. The value of an eternal surprise.

This red wine has no vintage and it is the tribute to tradition. The winery here sought to continue a very old Spanish custom and also to combine the balance between vintages. Traditionally, in Spain, the very few wineries that had a bottling process prepared two types of wines in each harvest: the one of the current year and another wine without a specific harvest, which they called "Reserva Especial". It was a mixture of wines from the best harvest from which the most representative wine of the winery was siphoned off.

El Reserva Especial es el vino con mayor personalidad, combina la complejidad del Único multiplicada por diferentes añadas y nos aporta un abanico enorme de aromas, pura elegancia en un fluir interminable por la magia de un mito. Sólo los mejores Únicos se utilizan para producir Reserva Especial; una mezcla de años, virtudes, vivencias y sentimientos que sólo sirve para perfilar la esencia más profunda de un estilo único e irrepetible, el estilo Vega Sicilia. 

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