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  • Only in excellent years, when the harvest of noble berries is particularly abundant, the natural essence that the noble grapes ooze is collected drop by drop and it is then turned into Oremus Eszencia, a wine of legend and mystic secrets.  

    Oremus Nectar, born in the Oremus vineyard, stands out among all the Aszú wines. It is an incredibly rich drink, which has no equal anywhere in the world. It has a low alcohol (1 to 3%), as the amount of sugar concentrated in it does not manage to ferment, so that it is not unusual to find 500 or more grams of residual sugar per litre.

    The Aszú berries are collected one by one. And we should not forget that each grape picker picks between 5 and 10 kg of grapes per day. The berries are left to rest for 15 to 20 days in the Oremus winemaking facility, and they gradually increase in amount until the end of the wine harvest. During those days, the slight pressure from the weight of the berries causes the must in them to be extracted. 

    At the end of that time, the must is put in 50-litre glass containers where it undergoes an extremely slow fermentation. At the end of 2 years, it is decanted into 68-litres barrels known as "átalag", where it will continue to age. It is finally aged in the bottle in a process that can last for several decades.

    Oremus Eszencia

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  • The spirit of eternity

    Icon of a family of great wines, where the soul of the land that witness its birth centuries ago is captured in each of the drops that forges its legend.


    Oremus is the symbol and example of the rewarding of time, experience and knowledge, of the real expertise in the art of wine    

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