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  • As is the case of all TEMPOS Vega Sicilia wines, the harvest is by hand with the fruit being placed in 12-kg boxes and grapes, once in the winery, they are left in a cold chamber for 12 hours in order to preserve their fruit intensity.

    Along with the selection on the wine, a double sorting is carried out in the winery. This first removes those bunches that may have been wrongly picked in the field and the second focuses on the substandard berries that are found on optimum bunches. A cold maceration is carried out for 5 days prior to fermentation in oak wood vats.

    La fermentación maloláctica se realiza 100% en madera y el envejecimiento en 70% francés y 30% americano durante 12 meses.

    Estos vinos son muy intensos en color y profundidad, de color rojo cereza con tonos violáceos. Es amplio, muy limpio, expresivo y elegante en nariz, con una gran intensidad frutal capullo sutil y de gran calidad. Tiene una gran estructura y una buena presencia tánica en la boca y es persistente, fresco y muy agradable al paladar. Consejos florales en retronasal.


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  • The talent of rebelliousness

    The independent member of the Vega Sicilia family. Pintia is young, intense and ground-breaking in nature.

    Proud of its origin, it has managed to reinterpret the Vega Sicilia culture in an innovative, brave and daring manner, at the head of the emergence of a new generation of Toro wines.

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